Sign In. Edit Midway While the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Leavenworth, Kansas is now the military prison for all military services, at the time of the Battle of Midway, Naval personnel would be sent to Portsmouth Naval Prison in Kittery, Maine, so that Naval aviator would have said he might wind up in Portsmouth.

O'Hare, Edward Henry, LCDR

The markings on the US aircraft were correct for the time period of the Midway battle, but not for all the earlier stuff Pearl Harbor, the Marshalls, Coral Sea, etc. It has already been pointed out in this Goofs section that all the aircraft, through the Coral Sea battle, should have a red disk in the center of the white-star marking. In addition to that, the naval aircraft should be wearing horizontal red and white stripes, like the stripes on the American flag, on the rudder. The Rolls Royce used in Japan is a "resto-mod": it has been lowered and has modern wire wheels instead of disks.

The warning "incoming" is used several times during the film. According to the "Online Etymological Dictionary", as a warning cry of incoming shellfire that meaning dates to the U.

At one point in the movie the back canvas of a jeep is seen with white lettering "caution left hand drive" This was not done until the build up of Allied troops in the UK prior to D-Day. There is no point of having it on the Hawaiian islands as everybody drives left hand. In a beginning scene at minute 11 seconds 40 it appears a Bialetti Moka coffee pot somewhere in Pearl Harbour.

Patented inThe first pots were exported from Italy well after the end of the war, and started to become popular in the fifties.

The steel pot helmets worn by the gun crews on the ships were not issued until later in the war. Rather, the helmets were the same 'soup bowl' style that are seen on the soldiers on the island. During their attack on Roi Island, Lt. Best and Murray are shown each shooting down a Japanese fighter after completing their bomb run.

In his After-Action Report, while Lt. Best states his group were attacked by a low-level fighter patrol, in the dogfights that followed, Best credits two other crews as downing enemy fighters. He doesn't claim any aerial victories for himself or Murray. Nimitz seems confused by this information and says "Why would Nagumo transfer his flag? On several occasions, Edwin Layton shares classified intelligence with his wife.

Seeing how he is in charge of intelligence operations, he should know better. This security breach is probably intentional by the writers to succinctly inform the audience of what's happening. Admiral Chester W.

Nimitz was a marine engineer, and a specialist in diesel engines specializing in Germany. When he visited Yorktown on a dry dock, after returning from the Coral Sea, he inspected the entire aircraft carrier.

In the film he commented "how to use wood if necessary". He newer spoke and it would be an inelegant comment on his part to the other engineers. What he asked for was to leave Yorktown able to sail for a few more weeks, enough to operate in the Battle of Midway. AII meant the aircraft was from the carrier Kaga but no two aircraft would bear the same numbers. After the bombing run on the Hiryu, one of Best's wingman approaches the Enterprise flying towards the general sun direction.

As the plane nears landing and then crashes on the deck, the sun is suddenly behind the aircraft as it crashes and catches the arresting wire. When Dick Best returns from his last mission of the battle, one of the last to land, the crew are seen performing a FOD Foreign Object Damage walk of the deck normal practice on any flight line to ensure nothing can be picked up by a running engine or damage a tire.

When the hear Best's plane approaching they all run toward the rear of the flight deck.

bruno gaido medal of honor

In the aerial shot of the landing only one person is seen running to the plane once it has stopped.Post a Comment. Nick Jonas starred as Bruno Gaido in the movie Midway. Sleepwas predicted to draw the most movie goers. Another movie opening that same weekend, Midwayreceived so-so reviews from the critics. Critics are overwhelming left of center and it seems to have influenced their dislike for the movie.

As a result, predictions were that Midway would finish the weekend in fourth spot, behind Dr. Midway finished first of all movies. Kind of like when the real navy flyers in the Battle of Midway sank four targets many thought would win out. Listen to the audiences, not the critics and go see Midway. It is superior to the version with Charlton Heston and Henry Fonda. Within the limits of a two-hour movie, the writers did a pretty good job at telling the story.

I've read a review that the movie is full of "cartoon patriotism". The critics haven't read the memoirs of the WW2 generation who would take offense to such a label about their feelings for their country. Among the 1, WW2 fallen who have been profiled in this project so far are ten who played a part in the Battle of Midway.

One of the few who survived the torpedo bombing run. His TBD Devastator ditched and he died in his raft before his pilot was rescued the next day. The doomed VT-6 attack is shown in the Midway movie. He dive bombed the Japanese carrier Hiryu and a Japanese cruiser the next day.

bruno gaido medal of honor

His is the only Medal of Honor issued for this battle. He dive bombed Kaga but did not make it back, having to ditch in the sea. He and his radioman Bruno Gaido were picked up by a Japanese destroyer, interrogated, and thrown alive into the sea tied to weights. He is depicted in the Midway movie, though the focus in more on Gaido, played by Nick Jonas.

Silver Cross hero William TakalaB gunner. He participated in the unsuccessful first attack from Midway. He was killed later in the war. In the movie he was part of the attack lead by Wade McClusky. His plane never made it back.

His squadron was based on Midway and participated in the first unsuccessful attack on the Japanese carriers. You can see a B being shot down in the movie.

That could have been McCallister's. Based out of Midway, he flew against the overwhelming Japanese forces sent to bomb Midway.

This attack is shown in the movie. On behalf of the fallen, if you would like to see more people become aware of this project to honor the WW2 fallen, be sure to share with others on Twitter, Facebook, etc.By Stephen ShermanApr.

Updated July 28, In todays world, young people have little or no knowledge of the sacrifices young men made in WW2, the Korean War, and soon will have little memory of the Viet Nam War. Admiral Flatley is well known for his efforts to instill unrevised history, especially Naval History, into the minds of many young people, and with the cooperation of the local school system, and our Volunteers, we think we are at least starting to do this.

This opportunity I was given, to interview these men honored today, has been an extremely proud day for me. I know Admiral Flatley will get the following stories told to me, via audio tape, somehow into the hands of young people. Not only young people, anyone who reads the stories of these men, cannot help but feel they have witnessed through the words of these mena part of history.

I know I was unable to get to every man honored this day, even though I tried my best. However, the stories below will not only speak for the men I interviewed, but I am sure for all the others. These men were not only fliers on carriers, but also a helicopter gunner, and men who were crew members of planes sent out from many bases. They had one thing in common. They went out to find and destroy the enemy, risking their lives not only from an enemy, but the mechanical failures that caused their planes to crash.

They were all Americans fighting for and, defending their Country. We must not forget those young men who never returned. They remain thousands of miles from their homes and loved ones, in some Sea, or on some lonely Island. While aboard the Enterprise CV-6, as a Japanese bomber attacked the ship, he jumped into a parked SBD dive-bomber on the flight deck, and manned the.

bruno gaido medal of honor

He then poured rounds into the oncoming bomber, assisting the other gunners in its destruction. This act of heroism was not the last in this mans life. At the Battle of Midway his plane was shot down, he was captured by the Japanese, then summarily executed by being weighted down and thrown over the side of the Japanese ship.

Many others died out there, some captured and executed as was Bruno Gaido, others killed in action when their planes were shot down, some died of wounds or they were lost when their planes crashed, and some were lost, and never heard from again.

They are the words from the men involved. We vectored and unfortunately, I will say unfortunately, we found them first. We went into our attack plan and our fighter plane escorts dive bombed from heights.

And we torpedo planes split into two sections, and went in low from each side to get the enemy there. There were seven ships.From the article: The stricken battleship loomed out of the smoke and wreckage that morning, hurrying past sunken and burning ships, straining to get out of Pearl Harbor and into the open sea. Past the doomed USS Arizonawhich exploded in a fireball, the old ship rushed. She had a hole the size of a house in her hull, and her captain was ashore.

The frantic crew had chopped the mooring ropes and got the ship underway as Japanese planes swarmed overhead.

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Prange wrote. Earlier this month, undersea explorers announced they had found the wreck of the famous Nevada. She had failed to make good her escape at Pearl Harbor, but she had survived, was repaired and returned to sea to serve out World War II.

Nevada was found in 15, feet of water, purposely sunk by the Navy in after a career that spanned three decades of service, from World War I to the atomic bomb. Once repaired and underway again, Nevada participated in the D-Day operations off the coast of Normandy, with those big guns of hers lobbing shells at the enemy.

After that, she participated in the Pacific theater at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. After the war, Nevada was decommissioned, painted orange and anchored at the nuclear test site at the Bikini atoll.

Pearl harbor attack scene (Midway) full movie link is in description

In fact, Nevada stubbornly refused to give up her place on the surface until the Navy decided to use artillery, explosives and finally, an aerial torpedo. Now she rests in peace amongst the critters of the deep at 15, feet. Cool as all hell. Thanks for posting Ex. Better that She Rest in Peace at Sea than be turned into razor blades. He dove off the ship, swam to shore, cut the mooring lines, dove BACK into the water, swam to the ship as it was steaming away and climbed back onto the deck of the ship to continue the fight.

He was killed shortly after by a bomb blast. Thanks Jay. If not we should have. It rang a bell for some reason. Surprised he was able to swim back with those big brass ones weighing him down. I think so. I was watching a documentary on Pearl Harbor on Monday and went down the interwebz rabbit hole.

Ranks ranged from Seaman all the way to Rear Admiral. He forced his men to leave the untenable forward dynamo room of USS Nevada and performed all the duties himself until unconscious, returned to dynamo room after being resuscitated, worked the after dynamo room until unconscious, recovered and returned to his station until directed to abandon it.

Lost his leg, but got a Navy Cross. He was back duty three days later. My wife and I went aboard her sister Pampanito in San Francisco a few years back. I never could figure out why some US subs had a forward-mounted deck gun and others had an aft mount.Maybe one of the most important things about a film concerning itself with historical events is that it do so truthfully and accurately.

You can see a factcheck here at History vs Hollywood. Midway concerns itself with the events following that attack, and how the US regroups and looks to not only save itself but deliver a counterpunch to the Japanese navy, leading up to the attack known as the Battle of Midway. On that day, more than 2, sailors were killed along and 1,plus wounded, 18 ships were damaged or sunk, and planes were destroyed.

The movie does a good job of presenting these stakes, as well as compressing the timeline into an easy-to-follow narrative. A perfect example is Mandy Moore cast as Ann Best, wife of hotshot pilot Dick Best Ed Skreinwho seems to be there just so they could have her name in the credits, and serves no real role in the film.

Dennis Quaid is also underused as Admiral Halsey.

Musician Nick Jonas is brought on to portray real-life hero Aviation Machinist Bruno Gaido, receiving enough dialogue and backstory to give his character a bit of depth. The film also blatantly telegraphs its heroes. We know early on that cocky pilot Dick Best is going to be playing a big role in the air campaign, and when we see him perform a ridiculous landing maneuver onto an aircraft carrier very early on, we know we are going to see this move again later in the film.

When Nimitz instructs Layton to make sure the. Closeups feature. Since none of the ships portrayed in the film still exist at least not in their WWII-era statethey all had to be created, and the resolution does lay bare several instances of pretty blatant CGI, where things just look a bit video-gamey.

Nor does a scene at a graveyard in Pearl, which just looks. The ocean gleams in shades of blue, with bright highlights as the sun glints off its surface, and exterior scenes are bright enough to make you squint into the sunny skies. Beyond the visuals, Midway offers a fun ride that sounds fantastic in a home theater.

In fact, you might call it a 2-hour minute Dolby Atmos spectacle masquerading as a war movie. The sound mix plays a dynamic role in nearly every scene, and if anyone has every wondered if their height speakers are working or if Atmos can add to the immersion of a movie, just show them any of the aerial attack scenes where the audio lends a wonderful third dimension to plane flyovers.

Planes rip along the side walls and into the back of the room, or roar past overhead, diving down on unsuspecting pilots, bullets shredding things around you. Flak shells explode left, right, above, and behind you, with bullets ricocheting all around the room. Beyond the bombs and explosions, ships crash through waves with appropriate weight, and AAA guns thump you in your seat with repeated blasts.

There is also the carnage of the USS Arizona breaking up after explosions and then ripping itself apart with groans, creaks, and the rumble of crumpling steel.

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Midway Posted on February 11, No Comments.Post a Comment. Frank Woodrow O'Flaherty never had a chance to reach years old today. Instead, he sacrificed his life for our freedom. He was born on February 26, in Nevada.

His parents William and Carrie were also both born in Nevada. His father worked as an ore mill machinist. Carrie died of Spanish Flu in Frank had four brothers and two sisters. The children were split up after the death of their mother and Frank was raised by his mother's sister. By he had completed three years of college and was working as an accountant while living in Kansas.

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He enlisted in the navy in September He became an aviation cadet in January He flew SBD-3 Dauntless dive bombers. He was one of 19 pilots in his squadron who participated in the Battle of Midway on June 4, At the battle Ens.

The mission was unlucky for the six planes in Ens. O'Flaherty was seen ditching his plane in the ocean and he and his radioman Bruno Gaido got in a life raft. While other downed airmen were found, O'Flaherty and Gaido were not.

Naval History and Heritage Command

Best guess is they were kept alive until June 15 at which point they were bound with weights and thrown overboard into the ocean to drown. His cenotaph marker is at the Honolulu Memorial.

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No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Enterprise 's extraordinary record can be attributed to three main factors. First, as a Yorktown -class carrier, she was blessed with a highly effective design. Fast, efficient, and maneuverable, she easily outperformed her predecessors, and held her own with the Essex -class carriers introduced in Second, on more than one occasion, Fortune was by her side.

Had her task force not been slowed by a storm in Decembershe would have been docked in Pearl Harbor on December 7, and a prime target for the Japanese attack.

bruno gaido medal of honor

Had her Air Group Commander Wade McClusky not spotted a lone enemy destroyer speeding northwest at Midway, that battle might well have ended in a Japanese victory as lopsided as the eventual American triumph. More than anything else, however, Enterprise 's historic legacy is due to the men who served in her. Even a partial roll-call reads like a Who's Who of the Pacific War.

Vice Admiral William F. Halsey flew his Flag from her on the early, daring raids against Wake and the Marshalls, as well as the Doolittle Raid. And then there were the thousands of "ordinary" men, who led otherwise quiet lives, but who in a way seldom seen in this day and age, put their plans and dreams on hold, their lives in jeopardy, and turned out to squarely face a lethal foe, and an assault on their values.

As many as 30, men served in the Big E during her nine years of active service. Among them were enlisted men and one officer who earned all 20 Battle Stars awarded to Enterprise and her men, as well as "plank owners" and others in her pre-war crew who brought the Big E to maturity, ready to fight from the first day of the war.

These men created in Enterprise a spirit which made her one of the most successful and beloved warships in history: a living legend and a symbol of American resolve in every task force in which she sailed. Home - Search - Site Map. Edwin "Bud" Jenks Radar Countermeasures. Bernard W. Peterson The Eastern Solomons. Richard Batten Buzzard Brigade at Guadalcanal.

James W. Shepherd The Webmaster's Father. John R. McCarthy Scouting Six at Midway.